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We are going to fly!

Some years ago I was teaching a beginning modern dance class to non-dance majors. It was mid-semester, but it was my first week with the class as I was team ...

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A sports post from a non-sports fan?

Let’s get one thing straight, I’m really not very "sporty." I really didn’t play a lot of sports growing up. In fact, up until recently I was kind of afraid of ...

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The joys of public speaking

Public speaking… most of us have shivers of dread run down our spine at these two words.  We dislike and would never choose to speak or present in front of ...

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Exploring relationship on a journey through space

Tears have been shed in our home over the sad reality that a ride in a rocket ship is not part of our foreseeable future. Fantasizing about a trip to space ...

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Insight from inside: Letting the body lead the way.

As I sit here to think about what to write for my inaugural blog entry, my mind starts to wander.  There are many seed ideas, ones that I have had ...

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The power of art

The power of art. “Art is vital and isn’t simply a decoration. When art works in a mass way it’s because many individuals are strengthened and fulfilled to recognize themselves and ...

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