The Things I Notice…

The LMA system has integrated itself into my life so completely that I notice moments of the work literally ‘popping’ in on a daily basis.  Often times I want to write about these moments but then I realize they are just that, moments or rather, things I notice.  Sometimes these things appear as observations, questions, or experiences.  They feel important enough to share but, by nature, moments are moments and sometimes there just isn’t a lot to be said.  So I write to you all with fair warning, this entry WILL be scattered but perhaps the things I notice will inspire you to notice.  Here goes…

Image by Victor Llarena, Flickr

  • Sometimes when I am rocking my son to sleep I think about how my actions shape him physically.  How does it influence his physical development when I place him to sleep on his left side EVERY night?  Will he find more grounding on that side?  Or perhaps he will have an unbalanced sense of self?
  • When I go to a dance concert, I find my body language EXTREMELY telling.  When I am having a hard time enjoying the show I observe that I am very Bound, Enclosed, and Narrow.  I do notice that encouraging myself to open physically, allows me to be receptive of the least pleasant experiences.
  • Does childbirth have a profound effect on the physical development of the child?  Or perhaps the position in the womb?  Think about what it would be like to stay in the fetal position on one side for 9 months…..there would definitely be some ‘kinks’ to work out physically.
  • Embodiment.  As a dancer, I have always been aware of people that are less embodied in their physicality BUT with the LMA system, I am always analyzing the physical elements that contribute to my observation of this.  Often I find myself doing this when people seem less comfortable in their movement.  It is amazing how our physicality sends lasting messages to others around us.  I want to train everyone to embrace their own movement and bodies.  That, I think, would be a HUGE task.
  • Can Contact Improvisation and Healing Touch solve the political conflicts in our world?  I think so, I will leave it at that for now.
  • Finally, my son has been having temper tantrums lately, a new found experience for him as a 13 month old.  Wow, what passion. Describing on of these with LMA could take all day!  The Body and Effort is so clear in this little being.  It is rare that I see adults so engulfed in the experience of feeling and sensation.  Perhaps that is a good thing because these can be intense.

There.  Those are some Things I Notice.  Anymore to add?


(Featured image by christophe mallet, Flickr)




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Rose is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and somatic body practitioner. She is the Artistic Director of inFluxdance based in Salt Lake City, UT. Rose holds a BFA, CLMA and an MFA in Choreography from CalArts. For the past 5 years Rose was Head of Dance at the University of Virginia where she created and implemented their new dance program.
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