Have a workshop you want to promote? Want to draw more people to you program? Looking for a way to get enhance your client base? Perhaps you have a new book, video, or other relevant product you’d like to show the world. Movement has Meaning is a great place to advertise classes, workshops, services, and relevant products.

Advertising options:

Block ads

Your ad will be featured on the sidebar of the site, giving you a chance to be seen on an ongoing basis! (Sizes available: 125 x 125 square, 250 x 125 rectangle, 250 x 250 square)

Featured Programs

If you have a certification, university/college, or any other program that features LMA, you can choose to be the “featured program” for a month. This will put your program at the top of the Programs Page along with a large graphic/photo/ad and a paragraph dedicated to what you provide!

Giveaway or product review

You can feature your product on our blog as a giveaway and product review. This is a great way to get the word out on your product! (Products must be related to the site in some way. We reserve the right to refuse any product/giveaway that doesn’t fit the site’s mission.)

For site stats, rates, and other information regarding advertising please contact us.


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