Sports analysis has taken off over the past couple of decades. Whether it’s your golf swing, foul shot, or race finish time – most athletes (professional or not) seek to get to the core of what makes them go faster, stronger, and with more accuracy. Even with unique rules and challenges, the bottom line is all sports have one thing in common: motion of the body.

Want to improve your performance in a specific sport?

Need a better way to communicate to your players?

Would you like a better way to analyze what you see on the field?

They make it look so easy!

So often with sports it seems like either you’ve either “got it” or you don’t. Understanding the basics of human movement, including the essential qualitative components, can help you improve your shot, work better as a team, and have the words to coach and train like an Olympic champion.

Star athletes mark their place in history when their physical abilities seem to defy physics. Sure, genetics and opportunities make a difference, but if you have a body and the right tools then you have a foundation to improve your skills.

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