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The Things I Notice…


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Happy New Year!

Embracing Change with an Open Self in 2012

With the New Year come numerous resolutions to be healthier, to lose weight, and to find more balance in our hectic lives.  I know I have been pondering such things ...

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Photo by Sylvain Masson, Flickr

Laban Movement Analysis: What is it anyway?

When people ask me what Laban Movement Analysis is, I am always puzzled.  I have so many answers that I don’t know where to start. Simply, LMA is a system ...

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Photo by Scott Garfield, photobucket

Zombie Connectivity: Want to be a Zombie?

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year--not only because there is an overwhelming plethora of candy at every corner, but because it is the one chance during ...

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Image by, Flickr

Public speaking analysis follow-up

Well we are back, and it’s time to return to our friend Phil Davison.  I’m going to start with my observations as I watched this clip, followed by why I ...

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motivation factor 2

The motivation factor

The Latin word movere, “to move” is the root of our words "motivation" and "emotion."  The early actions of infancy are driven by motivations and their supporting emotions. This week ...

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Photo by Barry Pousman, Flickr

Body language: Make the best impression

I’m always intrigued when I see articles online about body language. The other night I happened to see a link to this post on msn: The Best Body Language for ...

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Little Baby C, 6 months old.

What moves you?

The other day I was playing with my daughter (who is 6 months old). She doesn’t get all that excited by toys or other “baby things,” but she is always (ALWAYS) ...

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Photo by Martin Gommel, Flikr

We are going to fly!

Some years ago I was teaching a beginning modern dance class to non-dance majors. It was mid-semester, but it was my first week with the class as I was team ...

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Peter Greenberg, photo by Ed Schipul (via Flickr)

The joys of public speaking

Public speaking… most of us have shivers of dread run down our spine at these two words.  We dislike and would never choose to speak or present in front of ...

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