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When your health is compromised it is hard to do the things you love. Chronic pain, tension, and other habitual movement patterns affect the way we look and feel. Nobody wants to be perceived as lethargic, rigid, or helpless. And no one wants to feel that way! Getting to the heart of movement potential helps invigorate mind and body.

Do you suffer from chronic pain?

Would you like to feel more connected and coordinated?

Are you looking for a different approach to fitness – one that makes you feel better as you work out?

You don’t have to live with pain!

Pain from injuries, aging, and even daily living are becoming increasingly accepted as part of life.  Even the subtlest injuries trigger muscular reflexes which rob you of control of your muscles – causing pain and stiffness.  If you suffer from chronic or traumatic pain you may have resigned yourself to your condition, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

As a major component to the LMA system, Bartenieff Fundamentals is an approach to body training focused on basic body connections which are established early on in life. From infant through adulthood, people go through a natural movement developmental progression. These patterns are the building blocks for all complex movement.

Because of bad habits, injuries, or other “life events”, these patterns often become overridden with compensatory habits and tension patterns which limit motion and create misalignment and discomfort in the body.  These patterns result in muscle fatigue and stiffness which, if left alone, can become permanent resulting in inflammation, chronic fatigue, and joint degeneration.

LMA can help you become aware of your personal tension patterns, and provide an efficient and expressive way of living within your own body.  By re-educating your body, you can make changes for renewed health and vitality.

Working out doesn’t have to be a chore!

Physical movement should be fun and LMA can help you make the most of your fitness goals. Instead of boring, two-dimensional repetitive exercises, LMA can bring a lively interplay of your expressive explorations and inner connectivity. Feel yourself get stronger while your movement feels more easy, connected, and purposeful.

Many of our Certified Movement Analysts also specialize in yoga, pilates, and other fitness trends. LMA is a wonderfully diverse system which can be applied to your favorite pastimes to bring a more efficient and integrated wholeness to your workout!

Check out our latest posts discussing some of the many ways LMA has been applied to health and fitness.

Find a movement analyst near you to get started on your path to improved movement, or to say goodbye to pain!

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