Anyone can read lines, learn steps, or pluck some chords on a guitar. But the real artist knows art is more than going through the motions. LMA offers a beautiful system to help individuals see and learn from an incredible palette of movement possibilities. With the understanding that function and expression are intertwined and affected by one another, learning to move with meaning becomes a beautiful marriage of technique and heart.


Would you like to expand your expressive range?

Want to improve your connection to your audience and instrument?

Desire a deeper understanding of the expressive role of movement?

What’s your passion?

The LMA system is a resourceful tool for any artist:

When moving from the inside out a musician’s instrument becomes an extension of his body, a painter’s brush stroke flows with intent, a conductor accesses vibrant and dynamic energy in communicating with the symphony, an animator visualizes and captures genuine humanity, and an actress can captivate her audience like never before!

Check out our latest posts discussing some of the many ways the LMA system connects to the arts.

Find a movement analyst near you to get started on your path to increased expressive possibilities!


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