Being able to “read” movement is a powerful tool in meeting new people, understanding our children, and fostering new relationships. Understanding movement opens doors to a more connected and compassionate marriage, helps us deal with difficult neighbors, and provides a framework to better manage all our interactions.

Want to make a better first impression?

Wish you could better understand your children, spouse, or friends?

Curious what your movement is saying about you?


Improve Your Movement IQ – Improve Your Relationships

Does this sound too good to be true? Perhaps. But when you consider communication problems are the heart of most relationship woes, improving our ability to both “speak” and “listen” through actions invariably improves our ability to communicate beyond limited verbal cues.

Check out our latest posts discussing some of the many ways the LMA system has been used in our homes and to better our personal relationships.

Find a movement analyst near you to get started on your path to improved movement knowledge!

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