Movement knowledge is fundamental in our highly connected world. Whether you are the head honcho or at the bottom of the totem pole, the workplace is a complex and dynamic environment where we are constantly being viewed and evaluated.

Most of us have to deal with people: customers, clients, managers, employees, vendors, competitors, etc. Wouldn’t it be productive to be able to better “read” people, know how to interact with “difficult” personalities, and foster more trust and friendship in our professional interactions?

Would you like to improve your relationship with your boss, employees, or coworkers?

Do you struggle with the interview process? Is your posture keeping you from your dream job?

Does your movement convey the right message to sell your ideas, business, or self?

 You can’t afford to ignore your movement signature!

LMA’s rich system provides many lenses to help you better “make sense” of the individuals who make a business thrive. The system has been used by businesses to help create successful teams of individuals based on their personalized movement signatures – determining strengths and improving weaknesses for getting the job done and working with others. From the hiring process to the completion of your next big project – understanding people at their core level is always good business.

Check out our latest posts discussing some of the many ways the LMA system has been utilized in the workplace.

Find a movement analyst near you to get started on your path to improved movement knowledge, or to work with your business today!

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