“Rich Man” Analysis

“Rich Man” analysis LMA

For me, this whole clip has a contrasting “me and my dreams” vs. “facing reality” theme. The words of the song itself lend itself to a sort of wishful trance-like state.

“If I were a rich man…” The words begin to simmer into his movement as he escapes the environment (leaving Space Effort* out of the picture for a moment).  His Flow rebounds between Free and Bound, trying not to let his emotions totally escape his wishful thinking.

His use of Breath, combined with his dynamic Effort Life, really create the perfect backdrop as he increases his intensity (moving from a Dream State into a full on Passion Drive). The use of Shape Flow, however, is what make this choreography a home run for me.

Probably the most recognizable aspect of this choreography is the “yadda yadda shimmy.” (That is not the technical term, in case you were wondering…) Shape Flow is “all about me.” It has no concern with the outer environment. There is no trying to bridge a connection to something or someone else. As the signature shimmies take him deep into his passionate dreamland, even his language moves beyond any concern of communicating distinct thoughts. The gibberish accompanies the Shape Flow shimmies as he loses himself completely in the moment. He doesn’t care if anyone truly understands his words because this moment is about him. His dreams. His passion. His fantasy.

Of course, when he does come back into Space Effort (Direct) to address God, (“You who makes the Lion and the Lamb…), he brings in more Directional, Central, and Core-Distal movement—connecting his hopes to the world. Bridging his desires to the person who he believes can do something about it.  The intensity is still present, but now in a much more “connecting to my environment” type way.

He finishes off with his final “if I were a wealthy man.” At this point he again lets go of the environment and lets his Effort, Breath, and Shape Flow completely intensify back to an “all about me” experience.

And then there is the final (tiny) accent that sells the whole clip. When he realizes he has stepped in the manure, he is immediately brought back into Space. The intensity of the moment fizzles out as he remembers the reality of his life.

Gotta love it.