What Moves You?

Laban Movement Analysis: What moves you?
Little Baby C, 6 months old.

The other day I was playing with my daughter (who is 6 months old). She doesn’t get all that excited by toys or other “baby things,” but she is always (ALWAYS) trying to get her hands on anything technological (you know, the things that she can ruin by the pools of drool that will inevitably pour out of her cute little mouth).

She is always reaching for my cell phone, the remote control to the TV, or anything else that looks sleek and shiny.

I happened to have my video camera handy the other day as she was lusting after the television remote control. She is “this close” to crawling, but still has a few more things to figure out.

However, as I was watching her activating her little muscles with some impressive pushing and determined reaching I found myself reflecting on the beautiful nature of movement and its ability to progress us. My daughter was developing right before my eyes—doing things that she couldn’t do the day before. Her movement was a result of her desires, and those desires gave the necessary drive to give her new skills.

(Side note: it’s been two days since I filmed this and already those “desires” have progressed her into a much more coordinated crawl than what is shown here. Babies are amazing! /sidenote.)

That night, after she went to sleep, I created this short film to document some of my thoughts that she so masterfully demonstrated. I hope you enjoy it.